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Important Notice to Participants
About Conference


  1. Please wear the badge given to you at all times during the conference.
  2. Please mute or turn off your cellphone during the conference.
  3. Please do not shout within the premises, and please follow the insturctions given to you by the host.
  4. If you would like to make any remarks during the conference, please first give your name and the full name of your institution. Please keep the time of your remarks within 2 minutes; a bell will ring two times when your time is up, and once every minute over time.
  5. Only the handbook will be handed out during the conference, please refer to the publication file provided on our website.
  6. Please return the badge at the end of the second day (12/23). If you are only attending the conference for one day, please return the badge before you leave.
  7. Due to limited parking spaces, we suggest you travel by public transportations.
  8. Please bring your own cup or bottle.