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Writing Format
International Conference on Secondary Technological and Vocational Education
Format Guidelines
There is no strict limitation to the number of pages, but it is suggested that the paper length should not exceed 8000 to 10000 words. Please follow the APA (American Psychological Association) style. For more information, please visit: http://www.apastyle.org .
1. Title page should include:
(1) Title of the paper(16-point,Times New Roman,bold,centered);
(2) Names of the Authors(12-point,Times New Roman,centered);
(3) Author Affiliation(12-point,Times New Roman,centered);
(4) Title of Abstract(14-point,Times New Roman,bold,centered);
(5) Abstract(12-point,Times New Roman,left);
(6) keyword(12-point,Times New Roman,bold,left)。
2. Paper format:
(1) The paper must submit in electronic format by MS-Word (A4 size). Set the text for 12pt, single space, and Times New Roman with the top and bottom margins 2.54cm left and right margins 3.18cm;
(2) Tables and figures should be placed close after their first reference in the text. All figures and tables should be numbered with Arabic numerals. Table headings should be above the tables. Figure captions should be centered below the figures.
(3) References and Appendix format please follow the APA (American Psychological Association) style.
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